Wednesday, September 12, 2012

i have an opinion about everything!

living in yellow inspired me today!
truth be told she inspires me a lot. her blog is awesome.
lala lists had originally inspired her, therefore lala lists inspired me too.
do you love that i am using their blog titles as their names?
fun, right?
in blog world they would be two of my best friends.
go read their opinions and you will quickly know why.
soo following along in great leaders paths... here's what i think too!

1. it's okay to have cereal for dinner. the sugary the better. 
2. if you type 30 wpm or less you should never ever ever highlight it on your resume.
3. straws should always be striped or polka dot. only cute colors allowed!
4. it's totally okay as an adult to still need your mom.

5. only programming country music radio stations in your car is a great idea.
6. cutting over last minute at your exit on an interstate to avoid sitting in traffic is rude. don't do it.
7. and slow drivers should always avoid the fast lane. always.
8. tv shows should not be able to take months and sometimes years between seasons.
9. every vehicle should come with NAV and this should not be considered an upgrade.
10. we should be able to pay someone to come fold and put away the laundry after each load.
11. men: you should always hold the door open for ladies. ALWAYS.
12  all: you should always hold the door open if someone is right behind you as you are entering anywhere.
13. the olympics should be held every year.
14. women's pants should come in half sizes too.
15. starbucks should deliver.


16. the house should clean itself daily.
17. new bloggers should get a few follows automatically as positive reinforcement.
18. you should be able to eat low carb without giving up french fries, pasta, rice, and corn.
19. flights anywhere should be way cheaper than they are currently.
20. gas anywhere should be way cheaper than it is currently.
21. adoption should be quick and painless for good people that just want to love and nurture a child.
22. burgers should be served at every single restaurant simply because they are my favorite.

23. it is never okay to be rude to someone for no reason. ever.
24. positive attitudes should be mandatory.
25. it should be beautiful out when you have plans and should be rainy when you want to stay in bed all day.
26. fruit never belongs in dessert, ever. choc, whipped cream, caramel, nuts, etc. need only apply.
27. chicken should come with all the gross stuff already cut off.
28. my dishwasher should be getting my dishes a lot cleaner than they are coming out these days. ugh!
29. it's okay for your pups to sleep in the bed with you despite what anyone else has to say.
30. it's awesome to love color and use a lot of it when designing your blog.

if you want to share your opinions too... you should
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  1. Love your #4, #14, #17, #19, and #29. Our 65 lb. fur baby sleeps in our queen sized bed with us and has for 6 years. She shares space with the cat too... Cuz what would furniture be without FUR??

    1. haha i swear all my furniture and clothes are covered in fur. I think it just shows how big our hearts are. Like a badge of fur friendliness or something.

  2. P.S.-Don't know why the link to my blog directs you to some weird Bible study site. Strange... At any rate, it's

  3. Amen, sister! Let's start a petition to Starbucks. I bet it will spread like wildfire.

  4. loving numbers 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 26 27 29 30….. otherwise known as almost all. hahha thanks so much for linking up! hope you have a great week

    1. i loved this! I also loved that doing this led me to your blog. Love it!