Wednesday, September 12, 2012

chicken bundles - yum

chicken stuffed with blue cheese crumbles, scallions, and pecans wrapped in bacon.
soooo good!

logan and i usually have long days at work
so when we get home we need recipes that are simple and fast for dinner.
this is one of our favorite work week dinners.
i originally saw it on the rachel ray show a couple years ago and i made it from memory
but here is the recipe complete with a sauce (that looks delicious)
that we haven't tried yet.

these bundles have blue cheese, pecans, and scallions on the inside
oh and clearly they are wrapped in bacon. *best part.
i'm sure you could put just about anything on the inside and it would be awesome.
we keep saying we are going to change up the ingredients
and try something new
but we are so obsessed with this recipe that we just don't have the heart to switch it up.

yes, those are toothpicks holding the bacon goodness on the chicken.
maybe i should have taken them out before the pics?
or maybe not because i was just trying to snap pictures quickly so we could eat.
we usually serve rice or another starchy side with this meal
but i'm trying to eat low carb these days so we oppted for a little brocc
and a low carb dessert instead of the extra side.

more on dessert later this week.
now, go make these!
i promise you will love them.  

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  1. Ok, this looks sooooo good!!!! I think I might make this for dinner tonight. Thanks for the recipe!!